Best Non-Toxic Baby Toys: Natural, Organic & Safe Baby Gifts

Eco Non-Toxic Baby Toys With Safe Paints And Dyes

Young babies seem to put everything in their mouths. Unfortunately, many baby toys have surprisingly high levels of toxins.

Despite laws being in place regulating the amount of lead and other toxic materials in children’s toys, they are too frequently being recalled for containing too high levels of toxins by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Baby safety is the number one reason for being discerning with your baby’s toys. Below, I cover the best non-toxic baby toys and toy brands. Better yet is that they can easily be ordered from Amazon and do not cost a lot of money.

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The Best Non-Toxic Baby Toy Brands Found On Amazon

Here are the best non-toxic baby toy brands that you can find on Amazon (in alphabetical order). These toy brands don’t contain BPA or toxic paints or dyes.

1. Green Toys

The only plastic toy company on the list. They are a California based company whose toys are made out of recycled milk jugs. Free of BPA, phthalates, lead, and other harmful substances. Made in the USA.



A German toy company that makes mainly wooden toys. Instead of paints, they use safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers on their products.


3. Hape Toys

Make toys from sustainable materials and are eco-friendly.



Sustainable natural rubber products.


5. John N Tree Organic

Made in South Korea. Organic dye-free cotton toys.


6. Maple Landmark

Made in Vermont. Making eco-friendly wooden toys since 1979.


7. Plan Toys

Sustainable, eco-friendly wooden toys from rubberwood trees that no longer produce latex. Water-based dyes and organic color pigments.


8. Under The Nile

Soft Egyptian organic cotton toys. Sustainable and certified Fair Trade.


How To Choose Safe Baby Toys

There are many more toy brands than what is listed above. It can be overwhelming to try to remember each and every brand of non-toxic toy so I wrote up some easy to remember toy tips.

The following guidelines will help you assess if the toy is a safe non-toxic option:

  • Look for toys that are sustainably made.
  • Choose water-based, non-toxic paints.
  • Choose plant-based dyes.
  • Opt for wood or natural cloth toys (organic if possible).
  • Look for toys that are EN71 certified since Europe’s toy safety laws are more strict than the United States’ CPSC.

Best Non-Toxic Safe Baby Toys Reviewed

I focus on toys that expand your baby’s world. This can be done through textures and shapes with a few bright colors.  

Below I review the best non-toxic baby toys I tried out with my son.

1. Green Toys Baby Starter Set

This toy set comes with keys, star stacking cups, and a rolling elephant. I gave my baby the keys starting at 3 months old.

Even now that he’s a toddler he is still playing with this set daily. The star cups come with us to the beach to build sandcastles.

This is a great starter set of toys that are versatile and still fun as your baby grows. These are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs so are BPA free.


2. HABA Discovery Ball

This ball has been a favorite toy for over a year.  The tags and textures keep babies interested in it.

As your child grows, they can throw the ball without worrying about damaging anything since it’s so soft.

This ball is durable and has held up well after going through the delicate wash cycle in the washing machine.


3. HABA Kringelring Wooden Rattle & Clutch Toy

This rattle is easy to grip and makes a nice clinking noise when shaken. This toy is easy to hold even for young babies.

There is a stretchy piece of elastic that goes through all the wood pieces. This does eventually wear down so I removed the toy from rotation after a year and a half.

It held up nicely until then and was a great teether.


4. HABA Roly Poly Dragon

This dragon was a reach toy during tummy time. during tummy time.  It is effective at keeping baby’s interest with the wobbling action.

The base is weighted and inside is a softly jingling bell. The dragon part is soft plush.


5. HEVEA Natural Rubber Star Ball

Soft all-natural rubber design that is easy to grip and safe to chew. This ball is easy for a young baby to hold onto.

The design of this ball allows for it to be clipped onto handles and strollers for a travel toy.


6. John N Tree Organic Kitty & Bear Rattle Set

This set includes two small bear rattles and a larger kitty rattle. The scarves around the necks of the animals can be removed.

The material is soft and easily washed. Dye-free and made from organic cotton.


7. Maple Landmark Oval Bell Rattle

Used as a rolling toy during tummy time to keep baby’s attention. It’s a little hard for a baby to grip at first due to the width.

This bell rattle is made out of unfinished wood that is very smooth. Handcrafted in Vermont from maple.


8. Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling Baby Toy

Comes with three wooden wobbling balls in the set. There’s a different sensory aspect to each wobble ball.

One has a mirror, one a soft cotton to feel, and the other has small balls that rattle. The majority of the balls are made out of smooth wood with non-toxic paint coloring the top.

These toys are made from sustainably harvested wood.


9. Under The Nile Toy Lion Doll

This adorable grey lion is made out of organic terrycloth fabric. Baby’s find the texture interesting and it’s small size makes it easy to hold.

Since this is entirely fabric, it can be cleaned on the gentle cycle as needed. The entire size is about that of a washcloth.

This is a fun toy even as your child grows. It’s easy to carry with you and makes a nice napping companion once older.


10. Manhattan Toy Skwish (Natural) Grasping Toy

You may have noticed that Manhattan Toys wasn’t listed in the non-toxic toy brands list above. This natural Skwish is exceptional that I didn’t want to leave it out.

It’s made from sustainable rubberwood, dye-free, and sealed with a non-toxic water-based sealer.  This toy is larger than expected and lots of fun.

It ages well with a growing child and bounces erratically when throw.


Safe Baby Toy Thoughts

You can’t really go wrong when choosing a non-toxic toy. Any of them are better than cheap plastic toys or toys with questionable paints.

I’ve found it easiest and least expensive to order my baby’s non-toxic toys off of Amazon. It’s easy to create a toy wish list for friends or relatives who ask what your child would like.

Let me know what toys your baby likes in the comments.

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  1. Hi Stephanie. Can you tell me why Manhattan Toys aren’t on your nontoxic list?
    I have gotten some for my grandson but before I buy any more I want to make sure they are safe. I can’t find any information on if they have been tested for lead or other toxins.

    1. Hi Linda,
      The main reason they weren’t included on my list is that many of their toys include plastic, dyes, and are made in China, which are things I try to avoid in toys for my little one. The exception was the natural Squish toy because it contains no plastic or dyes. I also wasn’t able to find out toy testing information so I thought it best to not include them on the list.

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