MaryRuth’s Prenatal + Postnatal Liquid Multivitamin Review

The Best Vegan Vitamin For Pregnant And Postpartum Moms

Moms-to-be and new moms often need a multivitamin to help them get the nutrients they require. Many times, pregnant women have cravings that do nothing for their nutritional needs.

Doctors recommend giving in to those cravings of pickles and ice cream, but ultimately want you to eat healthily. If you can’t do that or don’t get enough of the right vitamins, it could cause you not to have enough of the right nutrients for your unborn baby.

This makes having a multivitamin extremely important but the choices are numerous. While options are great, it also makes it harder for you to find the right one. 

With the MaryRuth’s brand, you can choose a prenatal and postnatal multivitamin that is liquid-based. Often, pregnant women and those who just had a baby find that it is hard to swallow pills.

You may have more mouth dryness or have a gag reflex that is now worsened. Regardless of your reasons, the liquid option can help. I’m going to review this vitamin option at length to help you find out if it’s right for you.

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A Liquid Multivatiman Formulated For Prenatal And Postnatal Moms

The tricky part of any prenatal vitamin is that it has to give your body what it needs to grow another human inside of it. Still, the ingredients have to be safe for your unborn baby.

Ultimately, your baby is going to take those nutrients and use them to develop their brain, heart, lungs, and all the other important organs – including the skin. 

In fact, you could start taking this multivitamin before you get pregnant. It’s an excellent way to build up the right nutrients that your body needs to conceive and grow a baby.

Once you give birth, this multivitamin is designed to provide you with the nutrients you require after your little one arrives. If you choose to breastfeed, the ingredients are not going to harm the baby.

This means that it’s possible to use the same vitamin before, during, and after birth. Yay for not having to go through the process of researching another vitamin for each stage of the process.

Yes, I’d love to use the same vitamin!

Benefits Of MaryRuth’s Prenatal + Postnatal Liquid Multivitamin

This liquid multivitamin has so many positive features. One of the reasons I love it for the flavor and everything it’s made WITHOUT. You won’t find fillers and other harmful substances in this vitamin.

Liquid Formula With A Berry Flavor

Many women dislike taking pills or find it hard to swallow them. Gummies can be a little too sweet or sugary.

What else is left to take? The makers of the MaryRuth’s brand came up with a liquid multivitamin, which is easy to swallow. Plus, it tastes good and features a berry flavor.

Those who have severe morning sickness may find it easier to swallow a liquid than to chew and swallow a gummy or take a pill.

closeup of prenatal liquid vitamin on spoon


When a product is labeled as organic, that means various things. For one, each ingredient used is organic. It has not been treated with chemicals during the growing process and can be found in nature.

There are no synthetic materials or ingredients used during the manufacturing process or the growing process.

Since it is manufactured without any chemicals, it is considered organic, as well. You aren’t going to find any odd ingredients.

There are still preservatives used, but they are safer for your body. Since nothing used is man-made (fertilizers and pesticides), you know that no animal products have been used.

If you’re vegan, this is imperative. Many non-vegans still prefer organic products because they know it is healthier and more suitable for their bodies. You’re not going to introduce any harmful toxins to your baby or your body while using this product.

Some of the MaryRuth’s Organics products are USDA Organic but this liquid multivitamin isn’t yet. To get certification from the USDA, it’s a long and expensive process that MaryRuth’s is currently working on.


Vegans and non-vegans alike tend to prefer non-GMO products. This means that no genetically modified materials were used to produce or grow the ingredients, make the product, or were part of the manufacturing process.

The producers at these facilities must have yearly inspections to prove that they are compliant with the standards from the non-GMO project. Though this isn’t the same as organic, many companies and manufacturers are utilizing both features.

For organic products, the makeup of the item has to be free of chemicals and can only contain five percent of non-organic items.

The USDA lists permissible products that are appropriate. If anything else is found, it cannot be certified as organic. Generally, GMO’s aren’t permitted on the list, but there can be exceptions, such as soy lecithin and corn starch.

When it’s listed as non-GMO and organic, that means there isn’t any corn or soy, but it also indicates that no chemicals are used during any of the processes of growing the ingredients or making the product.


One thing I love about MaryRuth’s Organics is that ALL of their products are vegan.

Many people don’t realize what vegan means. It generally indicates that you don’t eat meat products or anything derived from animals. This includes eggs, dairy products, and the like.

However, many products hide animal by-products, such as gelatin. It’s often made of cow or pig skin, bones, tendons, and other parts of the animal. When you eat it, that means you are eating something made from an animal.

Going vegan can be hard to do because it’s easy to fall into eating convenient junk food and not get the right nutrients. As a way to combat this, many women prefer to use a multivitamin.

When you’re pregnant, it’s even more important to choose a vitamin that is going to help you get all of the nutrition you require, especially if you can’t eat healthy foods because of cravings or morning sickness.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Click here to order yours.

Vegan liquid multivitamin for prenatal moms bottle


It seems that almost everyone has some sensitivity to dairy. Called lactose intolerance, it can cause significant cramping and gas when you ingest it. Some people also get rashes and other skin irritations.

Regardless of what you see when you eat dairy, it’s essential that you protect your body. You’re already going to feel sick to your stomach due to pregnancy nausea.

You don’t want to deal with diarrhea and other stomach problems. Plus, pregnant women often worry about cramping.

It’s hard to tell the difference between a stomach issue and a pregnancy issue. Therefore, it’s best to reduce your risk of having stomach distress from food. Cutting as much dairy as you can is essential.

The issue is that dairy can provide you with protein and calcium. But you can get protein from many other vegan-friendly food sources, and calcium is included in the multivitamin.

Many people associate getting calcium from dairy products, not realizing that there are non-dairy sources of calcium that are just as good.

Nut Free

Nuts are an excellent way to get protein from alternative sources other than meat. However, many people have nut allergies.

Your multivitamin doesn’t need to provide a lot of protein for your day. You can get enough of that through other means. Instead, the multivitamin is designed to give you nutrients like Vitamin C, B, A, and D3. 

Since many Americans have a sensitivity to nuts or are deathly allergic, it’s often best to choose a manufacturer and brand that doesn’t use nuts or produce the products on conveyor belts that do provide nut-based products.

When a brand like MaryRuth’s labels its vitamins as nut-free, that means no nuts are used in the facility in which the multivitamin is made.


Though most manufacturers of medication and vitamins do not use gluten, traces of this substance can still be found in some products. If you’ve got a gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease, your body has trouble digesting gluten.

In fact, doctors recommend that these people never eat gluten or come into contact with it.

You can rest assured that MaryRuth’s brand of products are never going to contain gluten. It’s made in a gluten-free facility, so there isn’t a way for it to get into the production line.

This gives you peace of mind to know that you aren’t taking your health for granted or risking your body’s comfort while you are pregnant.

Corn Free

Corn is often used in a variety of ways in products, such as with corn starch or corn syrup. As a sweetener, corn syrup is thick, gooey, and has no nutritional value. It can also clog the arteries and contains high amounts of fat and sugar.

Corn starch isn’t often bad as a thickening agent, but it is usually considered a genetically modified product. Corn is one of those things that are always changed to help boost the production of animals.

Since the company focuses on non-GMO ingredients of an organic nature, that means you aren’t going to find corn as an ingredient. That way, the producers know for sure that no GMO corn sneaks in because corn isn’t used for production or as an ingredient at all.

liquid prenatal vitamin closeup in a spoon

Soy Free

We talked earlier about soy often being genetically modified as a plant source. Though it is made of plants, the modifications can include almost anything. It’s impossible to know how it was changed, so it’s usually best to stay away from soy and corn.

Because of that, the manufacturers of the MaryRuth’s brand choose not to use soy as a binding agent or within the manufacturing process.

It’s a safety concern that no one wanted to deal with and worry about, which means you can rest easy knowing that your products are safe from GMOs, gluten, dairy, and so much more.

Nightshade Free

There are many vegetables that belong to the nightshade family, such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and potatoes. They can be healthy in your diet at times, but they can house harmful substances called solanine.

If you have an inflammatory bowel disease, a disease that causes inflammation to flare up, or an autoimmune condition, these vegetables can trigger a negative response.

It’s often best to choose a multivitamin that doesn’t have any traces of nightshade within. That way, you can control how much of the substance you consume each day.

With MaryRuth’s brand of prenatal and postnatal vitamins, you don’t have to worry. No nightshades are found in the ingredient list, which means you can keep inflammation at bay and reduce your risk of having stomach or digestive problems.


Sugar is another ingredient that most women don’t want in their multivitamin. While you may crave sweets, you don’t need excess sugar from other sources. It’s usually better to choose a sugar-free option.

Since it’s a liquid multivitamin, you are going to taste the natural fruit flavors instead of added sugar. Keep in mind that a sweetener is used called Xanthan Gum. It’s a non-GMO product, and it allows for the sweet taste you experience without the added sugar.


Suitable for Keto Diets, Celiac Disease, and Bariatric Surgery Patients

If you’ve had bariatric surgery, you are likely on a strict diet. Patients can’t usually consume sugar, gluten, dairy, and other items.

Good news! According to MaryRuth’s, this vitamin is safe for you to use. It’s also suitable for those with Celiac disease because it doesn’t contain gluten. Always double-check with your doctor first to be sure.

The Keto diet focuses on lowering carbohydrates. Since there aren’t any nightshades, it is easier to do that. Fat is the primary goal for this diet, and there isn’t much fat within the multivitamin. Still, it isn’t going to raise your carb intake.

Made At A GMP Facility

Generally, a GMP facility is one that produces pharmaceutical products and clinical trial materials. The Good Manufacturing Process system ensures that the products made at the facility are controlled and consistently produced following all quality standards.

This reduces the risks involved in the production of the products. While a GMP facility isn’t required for vitamins, it shows how serious MaryRuth’s takes their product’s quality.

Now that you know all of the wonderful benefits, try this vitamin out for yourself.


The MaryRuth’s Prenatal + Postnatal Liquid Vitamin contains all the vitamins that a pregnant and breastfeeding mom need to pass along to their baby.

Vitamins A, C, E, D3, and B12 are the basics needed. Vitamin B12 is especially important to supplement as a vegan since it isn’t found in plant sources.

You are also going to find Thiamine, Riboflavin, biotin, folate, iodine, calcium, and more. Folate is included which is important for a growing baby. The liquid also contains a fruit blend that is high in antioxidants.

Per the bottle, all of your daily needs can be taken in 2 tablespoons.

What Don’t I Like About This Vitamin

Even though I’ve been singing this vitamin’s praises, nothing is perfect. There are a few things that I don’t love about this vitamin.

For one, I like that the bottle is glass, but it is larger than I was expecting. It’s not a huge problem because you’re getting a good amount for the price.

If you’re clumsy then you may be worried about dropping and breaking this bottle. If you’d prefer a plastic bottle, then check out MaryRuth’s liquid morning multivitamin.

Also, since this vitamin has to be refrigerated after opening, you need to find room in the fridge for the bottle to stand upright.

Secondly, even though the liquid has a fruity flavor, I can still taste the vitamins. It’s not too bad but some days I need to mix the liquid into a glass of juice or smoothie to cover the taste. This mainly depends on your palate though.


If you’re planning to get pregnant, are pregnant, or just gave birth, you may have trouble swallowing pills. MaryRuth’s Prenatal + Postnatal Liquid Vitamin has appropriate levels of the basic nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that your body might be missing.

It tastes great and is safe for those with Celiac disease. This liquid vitamin is one of the best vegan vitamins around and won’t make you gag like so many others. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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