Why You Should Register Your Baby’s Domain Name (Before It’s Gone)

3 Reasons For Reserving Your Child’s Domain Name

Crib?… Check

Diapers?… Check

Baby’s domain name?…

While I’m neither famous nor am I trying to raise a future celebrity, I still registered my baby’s name domain.  

At first, my husband thought I was following a strange trend but after I stated my case he was on board.

There are a few benefits for registering your baby’s domain name while they’re young.

Below I’ll cover the 3 main reasons why reserving your child’s domain name is a great idea and walk you through step by step on how to reserve a domain name.

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1. Names Are Intelectual Property

The internet became available to the public in 1991.  I was in middle school during this time and grew up with AOL chat rooms and Hotmail accounts.  

The internet was new and really only tech-savvy people were creating websites or online stores.  

There have been a few generations since then that have grown up only knowing ONLY time with the internet.  It has become a part of their identity and one’s digital fingerprint starts at an early age.

With internet access becoming faster and cheaper, it’s easier for remote and less affluent areas of the world to now be online.  

Mom on a laptop registering her baby's domain name with baby playing on a bed.

More People Are Using The Same Names

There’s a finite number of single words in the English language. The name possibilities increase if you start a company from a made-up word.

You won’t be able to get a domain such as Kate.com or Thomas.com, or if you can you’ll have to pay a lot to a domain squatter.  Domains are issued on a first-come first-reserved basis.

The fact that domains are relatively inexpensive make it attractive for squatters to register many domains in the hopes someone will pay them a high price for the domain.  

Children with common names like John Smith probably won’t be able to find a .com available.  If your child has a slightly unique name or nickname Lastname combo, it very well could be available right now.

.Coms Are Becoming Scarce

Around 4 million babies are born in the United States each year.  Today’s parents are trending towards more unique names.

Even so, if you wait until your child is in middle school before registering their name, 48 million children have been born in the United States by the time your child is 12.  

If your child ends up being someone who wants to have a YouTube channel or child started non-profit, having their name as a .com will be invaluable.  

Try entering a famous person’s name as a .com in the address bar and you’ll see how few people own their own name’s domain.

Even now, my maiden name and married name are taken.  Luckily my nickname wasn’t so I snagged that for myself.

.COM Domains Are The Best

Once a domain is registered, it isn’t likely to become available in the future.

As .coms are becoming more scarce, additional top-level domains (TLD) are becoming available.  TLD’s are the ending to the web address such as .com, .org, .edu, and .net.

It’s safe to say that .com is the most desired since people will assume that’s the ending.  Novelty TLDs are available such as .baby, .family, .social, .travel, and more.

As the population grows, more people will resort to those as .coms are unavailable.

2. Domain Registration Has Benefits For The Future

Even if your child never becomes famous or the owner of a company, a .com can help them in their job search.  

Prospective employers typically do a search of a person’s name to see what comes up. It’s better to control the content that shows on your domain name.

You wouldn’t want your baby’s domain name to be associated with a company that isn’t in line with your morals.

Domain Names Aren’t Public Profiles

The good thing is that you can leave your baby’s domain name parked for years without content. You don’t even need to register for hosting for the domain if you don’t plan on using it.

You can simply save it for your child’s future use. When they’re older they can decide how they’d like to use the domain.

Beneficial Uses Of A Domain Name:

  • A writer could start a blog or have an author’s homepage.
  • An artist can have an online gallery and portfolio.  
  • A musician can have embedded videos of them playing.
  • A graphic designer can showcase themselves with samples of their work.
  • A college applicant can have a landing page for all of their various projects and accomplishments.

3. Domain Name Registration Costs Hardly Anything

The internet is likely to only become more important in the future.  I purchased my domains from Namecheap since they’re easy to use as a parking website.  

Domain Names Are An Affordable Investment

They’re also very inexpensive. It only cost $8.88 for a year’s registration. Later on, you can add domain hosting if you’d like to use the domain name.

WhoIsGuard is free forever using Namecheap which other platforms charge for.  

WhoIsGuard keeps your registration information private so that people can’t see your name, email, address, and phone number that is on the domain registration.   This is especially important for cybersecurity purposes.

If you reserve your child’s domain name until they’re 18 yrs old, that will cost you around $180 total.  

Domain name registration is a surprisingly great gift for tech parents or if you’re looking to gift something unexpected. In the grand scheme of things, $180 is a very inexpensive gift that your child will appreciate.

How to Register A Domain Name The Easy Way

I recommend Namecheap since they’re easy to use and inexpensive.  From their main page, you can type in the name you’d like to use in the search.  It will come up with a list of available domains.

Namecheap domain name search to reserve child's domain name

Alternatively, you can go to the “Domains” menu at the top.  Select “Personal Domain” in the dropdown. This will also do a search of available names and give alternatives.  

Namecheap personal domain name search for saving kid's domain name

Once you find the domain name you’d like to register, add it to your cart.  In the cart, toggle “Auto-Renew” for both the Domain Registration and WhoIsGuard.  

Enter any promo codes before confirming your order. You may even get it for less if you order during a promotion.

Namecheap domain registration checkout with free WhoisGuard

Auto-Renew is the easiest way to register your domain.  

There are some domain squatters that will wait for a recently expired domain to become available and snap it up.  

They hope that the person who forgot to renew will end up paying them to get the domain back.

Giving The Gift Of A Domain Name

Reserving a baby’s .com name is a unique and forward-thinking gift. The usefulness can’t be understated in today’s technological world.

This is a gift that no one else will think of and is perfect for technologically inclined parents.

Did you decide to register your child’s domain name? Let me know below.

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